World Premiere: Songs of Isolation

Have you ever felt unrequited love and the solace of your institution? Are your emotions repressed, rely on books for adventure, and writing for expression? Is God just a concept, or is he only of the few you pray to? The enigma that is you should be, but only to the few that love you enough to be.

Entering Dark Academia, we are releasing our first book of poems.

The Azure Lorica Book Club is proud to announce a compelling literature that enters the void and journeys for the spiritual question. Ruminating in the isolation of our contemporary pandemic, and thwarts with the candid protestation against the walls we've built between ourselves and the world around us.

Join us for the world premiere of Songs of Isolation - Dark Academia Poems, by Luke Geiger. 

Releasing this October 25, 2020.

PreSale available: BUY NOW

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