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Azure Lorica Publishing House is a program by Azure Lorica. We publish books to support our campaign for anti-bullying. Our titles range between poems and art, fictions and memoirs, and many more. 


To submit books, contact our Editors with your finished manuscript (watermarked), and a cover letter:

Deadline for submission is March 1st. We reopen submission on August 1st. 

What We Publish are books that lean towards a liberal perspective. We range from fiction to nonfiction, art and poetry, etc.,  according to our Editor's curation.


We are open for Volunteer Editors. As a nonprofit organization, we will train inexperienced Editors to be published as such.  

Though a non-paid position, a Volunteer Editor will sign a contract and earn royalties on each book they assist in publishing. Volunteer Editors that accomplish their tasks are credited on the final published edition they participate in. The following are their required tasks:  

  •  Seek and sign Authors to our annual contract* 
  •  Aid with rewrite, acting as co-writer for manuscript 
  •  Have their Author meet their deadline*  

Volunteer Editors are not: 

  •  Proof Readers - staff or volunteers that correct punctuations and spellings  
  •  Designers - staff or volunteers that design, fix, or set book productions 
  •  Literary Agents - agents that earn a commission off of selling books to publishers, for a high price 

 *We recommend Volunteer Editors to seek Poets, to complete a 100 page manuscript. It is easier to have a ready prepared manuscript, prior to volunteering, so the time of volunteerism would be more expedient. 


Our Distributors reach international venues. Along with multiple translated versions of books we publish, we host an online live reading event, called Book Dragon Fete, where actors and orators with multiple dialects exhibit our books in the languages they're printed in.

Azure Lorica is a nonprofit 501c3 anti-bully society. Publishing original books, Azure Lorica donates their proceeds to mental health awareness / suicide prevention organizations.

Visit to learn more:

Meet our Authors

Luke Geiger: Poet

Luke Geiger, a poet with a Bachelors in Ethics, is struck with not only personal disconnection due to contemporary online communication, but the challenge of spiritual connection in a society of western Christian ideology. Living through the American pandemic, after graduating college, Luke expresses his understanding and stance against a counter-intuitive culture that ignores the principles it boasts to uphold.

Books published:
  • Songs of Isolation (2020)
  • Canciones de Aislamiento (coming soon)

Duyen Park: Artist

coming soon

Stephan Jackson: Artist

coming soon