Book Submission

Azure Lorica Book Dragon sells books published by Azure Lorica, and books donated by local bookstores, via The book club also provides press service via

Azure Lorica is a nonprofit 501c3 anti-bully society. Publishing original books, Azure Lorica donates their proceeds to mental health awareness / suicide prevention organizations.

We publish Poems/Poetry, Essays, Art, and Fiction.

  1. Azure Lorica publishes all their books, annually, by September 1st, of each year;
  2. We accept completed manuscripts, before March 1st, of each year;
  3. If your book has been accepted by one of our publishers, they will decide which year your book will be released; 
  4. We accept all genres, such as, Romance, Historical, and Sci-Fi;
  5. We do not accept Explicit Adult content;
  6. We mostly cater to College Students, but are not limited from family friendly and teen content;
  7. To submit, send your manuscript to: info @