Volunteer Program:


We publish an annual book, Poets of Azure Lorica. No advance or royalty, proceeds are donated to Azure Lorica's cause: SUBMIT NOW


Volunteer Editors contribute pro bono/for free, as a volunteer, to complete a book project. After completing the form below, we will send you the contract to sign and send to: info @ azurelorica.org


Volunteer Editors will be:
  • Co-writers - editors may rewrite certain sentences, add scenes, rearrange a chapter, and change the tone and language of the whole book, if necessary;
  • Deadline Managers - editors may demand to keep or request an extension to the deadline, aiding the author to meet the agreed deadline;
  • Talent Scouts - editors may seek writers to publish. 

Volunteer Editors can be:
  • Proofreaders - people who've read and corrected grammar, spelling, and other issues with the text, within a manuscript;
  • Designers - people who design the book's cover and/or pages;
  • Typesetters - designers who manage the fonts and sizes of a book's text, coordinating with the Printers.